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About Us

Cross Country Galleries (Formerly Cross Country Marketing) was founded in 1984 by David Struyk. He began this venture when his third (and final) child was born, with the intent to bring classic American art to the everyday home. With rapturous creativity, Dave would begin with what would seem to be a simple idea, and commission local artists to depict nature and life in a simpler time and a simpler place.  With the launch of the Commemorative North American Game Bird series by Ken Zilla and the Double Eagle Signature series by Don Marco, Cross Country Marketing had made its small footprint in wildlife american art. For over 25 years, Cross Country Galleries has been successful in the reinvention of home artwork and is still able to provide to its customers an affordable and unparalleled opportunity to own artwork with the individual in mind.  

Recognizing the enthusiasm of individualized home art, Cross Country Galleries has found a way to customize prints to everyone's liking. We are excited to bring to you the opportunity to create your own artwork by personalizing photographs, portraits,  images and depictions that capture a moment in time and memorialize it for your home.

By ordering prints through Cross Country Galleries, you will not only be working  with an experienced and quality producer/manufacturer, but you will be supporting a local business who is proud to satisfy your individual artistic needs.

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